~ Pretty Bird ~

Pretty Bird/Pretty Pets offers an extensive array of food products for birds, reptiles, and small animals. Pretty Bird is constantly developing new and exciting products for your favorite pet.

DeShane Kennels would also like to help you provide for your feathered friends therefore we are one of Tulsa's newest and most reasonable priced distributors of Pretty Bird products. DeShane Kennels tries to stock a good mix of Pretty Bird products, however we suggest that you call ahead (918-437-3343) before to be sure that we have your favorite product in stock.

~ Pretty Bird ~

~ Pretty Bird Product Notice ~

Pretty Bird is no longer manfacturing seed products they are still manfacturing the pellets and other products.

The Pretty Bird Division offers a full line of avian food products for your feathered friends.

Guido LOVES      Pretty Bird
  • These products include:
  • Daily Select Line of Maintenance foods designed for pet birds
  • Breeder Select Line of Breeder Formulas
  • Species Specific foods - Designed to meet special needs
  • Birdy Banquet - A fun and nutritious cooked food
  • Breeder Basics - A fun and nutritious cooked food for breeding birds
  • Medicated food for treatment of Psittacosis
  • Bird Treats - A constantly growing line of treats for your feathered friends
  • A full line of hand rearing formulas

~ Lafeber Treats ~

We also carry the Lafeber line of birdie treats. Give us a call and stop by and pick up your bird some Lafeber Treats.


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